Furnaces vs. Boilers
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Furnaces vs. Boilers

Everything you Need to Know About

Boilers & Furnace Repairs

As winter approaches it is important to make sure your heating system is well maintained and ready to serve! First thing first is knowing what you have and how that impacts to kinds of things to look out for. If you have a furnace you’ll have different maintenance needs than if you have a boiler. Which also means furnace repairs are going to be different than boiler repairs. HTR Mechanical can help you with any HVAC system if they need maintenance or repair.

Furnace vs. Boilers

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Common Furnace Repair

  1. Cracked Heat Exchanger – This pricey repair can be prevented with regular maintenance. This part is important because it separates the combustion process from the breathing air in your furnace.
  2. Dirty Filters – If you want your furnace to run efficiently then you’ll want to make sure your filters are cleaned or replaced regularly. 
  3. Slipped or Frayed Blower Belt – If you hear a high-pitched squeal then it might be the belt. The blower moves the warm air throughout the house, thus if the belt goes then the air isn’t being distributed.
  4. Electric Ignition or Pilot Light Control Problems – The ignition of pilot light is the heating element of the furnace, so if you notice a drop in heat you might need a professional to look at this.
  5. Malfunctioning Thermostat – If your thermostat is malfunctioning  it can mess with the fan and comfort levels of your home so if you notice anything off about it be sure to call for help.
  6. Worn Out Ball Bearings – Usually signified by a scraping sound, if you hear this you’ll want to turn off the furnace and call an HVAC expert right away.
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Common Boiler Repair

  1. Leaks – Since boilers are designed to be airtight, any leaking is a severe issue. The source of the leak must be found, repaired and the lost water replaced right away.
  2. Low Water Pressure – Listen for any rumbling sounds because it is a sign of overheating. Leaving your system like this can cause extensive and pricey repairs.
  3. Corroded Parts – Rust sometimes can get into the boiler and usually means it needs to be replaced. This problem can be limited by regular maintence.
  4. Broken Circulator Pump – If your heat seems to have stopped but the boiler still seems to be running then the issue is likely the circulator pump. This is a common and fairly easy job for professional HVAC service providers.
  5. Dirty Tanks – Every now and then the water in the boiler gets dirty with sediment and needs to be replaced with clean water. Regular cleaning keepts the efficancy up in your boiler.
  6. Burnt-Out Heating Element – In electric boilers there are two heating elements that warm the water inside the tank. If one goes then the temperature will drop, and thus the element will need to be replaced.

Does your boiler need maintenance? Is your furnace in need of repair? Is your system ready for winter? In want for water heater service? Need a different HVAC service? HTR Mechanical is here for the greater Bucks County, PA areas! Contact us today for fast and professional HVAC service!

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Heater Repair Langhorne
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Heater Repair Langhorne

Expert Heater Repair in Langhorne, PA

Heater Repair Langhorne

Stay cozy and comfortable this season with a properly maintained furnace or boiler. When routinely tuned up and maintained, your heater should run smoothly. However, if your heater encounters any issues, H.T.R. Mechanical will be there to make the necessary repairs.


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Heater Repair in Langhorne, PA

Furnace & Boiler Repairs, Maintenance, & Installation

As the colder winter months approach in Langhorne, it may be time for a heater repair, a new furnace or boiler installation, or routine maintenance. Whatever your needs, H.T.R. Mechanical offers the highest quality HVAC service in and around Langhorne, PA as well as offers 24/7 emergency HVAC service. Continue reading to learn the warning signs of a heater in need of repairs and when to call an HVAC technician for a repair or installation.

Other HVAC Services we Offer

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Indoor Air QUality

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When does my heater need repairs?

Know when to call a heater repair specialist

Depending on the heating unit that you have, there are various signs to look for, the most obvious being no heat in your home. Boilers and furnaces both heat up your home, but do so in vastly different ways, so be on the look out for their respective signs of when they need repairs or replacing.



Should I Repair or Replace my Heater?

Sometimes Heater Repair costs outweigh the price of a new system

Often times, the cost or repairing a furnace or boiler exceeds half the price of a new system which is a telltale sign that you should start searching for a new heating system. Other signs that a replacement is necessary instead of a repair is when repairs and tune ups become more frequent yet still don’t seem to last. If your heater emits noxious fumes like carbon monoxide, have the system replaced as soon as possible.

If you are unsure about your heating system, be sure to consult an HVAC technician with any questions you may have. They can inspect and diagnose the problem and how to move forward with resolving the issues. For more information, be sure to contact H.T.R. Mechanical today.

No Ductwork in Your Home?

If your home has no ductwork, you can learn more about alternative solutions here. If you’re looking for ductwork to be installed, be sure to contact H.T.R. Mechanical and we can walk you through the process and the best plan of action for your home. We also offer ductless mini split installation as well.

Looking to Improve Air Quality?

If you’re looking to further improve the air quality in your home in addition to duct cleaning or in lieu of it, we also offer air scrubbers and air purifiers. To learn the difference between the two, read about it in our article here. To learn more about what air scrubbers can do and how they work, read about it here.

More HVAC Services

There are many heating and air conditioning services we provide that make your life more comfortable utilizing reliable brands like American Standard  Call us today for any questions you may have regarding heating and air conditioning repairs or service you may need. We are proud to serve the local Levittown, PA areas throughout Bucks County or Montgomery County for residential and commercial properties.

Keep Your Home Comfortable This Season

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Local HVAC Tips for Montgomery County, PA
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Local HVAC Tips for Montgomery County, PA


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Local HVAC Tips for Montgomery County, PA

We all use our HVAC systems every day and hardly think about them until something goes wrong. With how hot summers can be and how cold winter can be in Pennsylvania you don’t want your heating or air conditioner to go out when you need it most. We have some HVAC tips to share today, that will not only help you understand your system better but also know how to prevent expensive repairs in the future. 

01. Your HVAC system will rarely quit without signs beforehand. Keep an ear out for unusual noises coming from both your air conditioner and heater, sounds are the way your system tries to tell you it needs attention. Also, pay attention if your thermostat temperature and the air coming out of the vents match. If they aren’t accurate then that’s a sign that something needs to be looked at. 

02. Most air conditioning repairs are electrical in nature. It could be a blown capacitor or fuse, tripped breaker or something else, but its more times than not an electrical issue. We do not recommend you try to fix it yourself because it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Be sure to call us if your air conditioner needs repair.

03. Heater and air conditioning systems need regular maintenance. Just like your body or your car – HVAC systems need regular care or they’ll begin to act up. Providing consistent care will help prevent problems, improve efficiency and save you money. HTR Mechanical offers maintenance plans so you and your HVAC system are completely taken care of. 

04. HVAC technicians should be licensed. Don’t let just anyone work on your heater and air conditioner, make sure the person you hire has professional training. Working with HTR Mechanical means you are choosing licensed professionals with the experience to back our education up.

HTR Mechanical is ready for all your local HVAC Needs!

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05. Closing vents can damage your heating and air conditioning systems. Closing the vents can put extra strain on your HVAC system because while it’ll block off the air it will not redirect it. So even though you think your saving money now by closing the vents, your actually just opening up the possibility for a very expensive repair later. 

06. Air conditioners are getting larger rather than smaller. Somethings are being made smaller, but air conditioners are being made bigger. Energy regulations require more efficiency which ends up requiring to make AC units bigger. So if you get yours replaced and get a bigger one in its place, don’t be concerned!

07. You need to change your air filter regularly. Neglecting to change air filters every few months can result in clogs which further result in HVAC failures. So make yourself a reminder to change your filter out – especially if you have pets! Pet fur and dander tends to make air filters go quicker.

08. Air conditioners should not leak water. Some people think that this is normal but in truth its not. If you notice any leaks be sure to call a local HVAC contractor (such as HTR Mechanical) to fix that.

So now you’re a little bit smarter about your HVAC system and also know of a local HVAC service provider that can solve all your heating and air conditioning needs! HTR Mechanical is happy to serve Montgomery PA and the greater surrounding area. We are are premier local HVAC company of Montgomery, PA. We can provide regular maintenance, installations and repairs with unparalleled professionalism. Give us a call today and let us take care of your HVAC system today! 

Want to see more HVAC Services for Bucks County, PA?

 Want to see examples of our work? Want to stay up-to-date with HVAC services in Bucks County? Feel free to follow us on social media to get the latest updates, special offers and expert advice. We also post articles with tips, advice and insider looks about HVAC systems. Click the links below to give them a read! We add new articles often so there will always be new things to learn. We look forward to seeing you on the web! 

Surprise Water Heater Repair!
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Surprise Water Heater Repair!

HVAC Repairs

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Surprise Water Heater Repair!


Today we had a service call for an odd noise coming from the mechanical room. I could hear the noise while I was on the phone with the homeowner. It was a loud noise that I have never heard from any heating or air conditioning system. I modified our service schedule to fit with the homeowner so we could take care of the issue as soon as possible. We were on-site within 3 hours and found that the expansion tank on the water heater had failed.

This resulted in the pressure relief valve releasing some water onto the floor, setting off the homeowner’s watchdog alarm off. This was the noise I heard while scheduling the call. We cleaned up the water on the floor and reset the alarm. We tested and inspected the system to make sure there were no other causes for the water on the floor and found none. After talking with the homeowner, we provided a quote with options to take care of the issues they had. The homeowner made a decision and we went ahead with the repair. 

This could have been prevented with a safety and efficiency agreement with us. While we are cleaning and testing your heat and/or air conditioning system, we inspect all mechanical equipment. We would have inspected the water heater, expansion tank, and recorded the manufacture date of the water heater. We do this free of charge so that the homeowner is aware of any future hot water issues that may arise. The life expectancy of a tank water heater is 10 years. So, by inspecting and recording the date of manufacture, we are able to inform the homeowner before they have an issue.

Want to see more HVAC Services for Bucks County, PA?

 Want to see examples of our work? Want to stay up-to-date with HVAC services in Bucks County? Feel free to follow us on social media to get the latest updates, special offers and expert advice. We also post articles with tips, advice and insider looks about HVAC systems. Click the links below to give them a read! We add new articles often so there will always be new things to learn. We look forward to seeing you on the web!