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Why you should get an early start on your Air Conditioning Maintenance.

Air Conditioning Maintenance


It’s been a mild winter so far this year. For the most part, it has been pretty easy on your heater. With a mild winter comes a hot and humid summer. We all know we have a few more weeks of winter left, but now is a good time to start thinking about air conditioning. No one wants their air conditioning system to have issues during the summer let alone in the middle of a heatwave. Investing in air conditioning maintenance now will prevent being stuck without AC later.

By taking action now before it gets warm enough to need air conditioning, we can save you a headache in the future.  We can clean and inspect your heating and air conditioning system now and take care of issues that may cause you problems in the summer. By cleaning your system regularly, you can prolong the life of the system and the efficiency. The cleaner a system is when it runs the more efficient it operates resulting in lower utility bills. While cleaning we are also inspecting each part of your system so if we can see, by taking measurements and collecting data, if a component that is not performing as the manufacturer intended. If we find any issues, we can recommend solutions to prevent a breakdown and costly repairs in the future.

Some warning signs that your system may have some issues:

If you have any of these signs happening with your system, we can provide you with a solution and prevent a future headache.  Give us a call today, so we can give you a comfortable tomorrow.

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