Air Scrubbers vs Air Purifiers

Both air scrubbers and air purifiers have the sole purpose of cleaning the air in your home or office. Having one of these devices helps clear your space of allergens, particles and other elements you don’t want in your air. But if they both do the “same job” then whats the difference between them? Mainly, its one works much better than the other! Lets find out: Air Scrubbers vs Air Purifiers? Which is better at cleaning your home’s air?

Air Purifiers

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How do Air Purifiers Work?

Air purifiers clean the air by using a filtration system. As air goes through the device the filter catches particles and cleaner air is brought back into the room. Filters will have to be periodically replaced or washed then placed back in the purifier. An air purifier can range from $100-$1,000 and the filters can be $50 or more, which is cheaper than the air scrubber. The question becomes though, if it only cleans the air particles then does that mean it is missing a lot of other things in the air that you want cleaned too? Most likely since a lot of pollutants are not going to be caught by the filtration system! Some people use certain plants to get the same air quality, which questions how worth while the air purifier is. In our opinion, for an active home and to really achieve clean air quality then you’re better off taking the step up to an air scrubber.

Air Scrubbers

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How do Air Scrubbers Work?

Air Scrubbers are not a stand alone device, rather it needs to be installed into your HVAC system! This means your whole home, not just a space or one room, is getting cleaner air. It doesn’t act as just a filter, but rather destroys allergens, dust, pollen, pollution, toxins, fumes, bacteria and even molds. Not only do air scrubbers clean the air but also aid in keeping surfaces clean too! Prices on an air scrubber varies from $500-$2000 which isn’t including installation costs. While the price is high, it is a worthy investment for improving your home’s air quality. As for maintenance, air scrubbers should be cleaned about every three months. Concidering these devices are used by NASA, military submarines and even at the Pentagon after 911, there is no doubt air scrubbers work and work incredibly well!

Are Air Scrubbers Worth the Money?

In the debate of Air Scrubbers VS Air Purifiers, its clear that air scrubbers are the best in drastically improving air quality. With that said, we often hear the question is an air scrubber worth the money? Because air scrubbers cost quite a bit more than air purifiers – it might be hard to see why getting an air scrubber installed is worth the investment.

Essentially it comes down to need. Do you have a large and busy family? Do you have lots of pets? Does your family suffer from allergies? Do you live in an area with high pollution? Is the indoor air quality in your home poor at best? If these apply to you then an air scrubber is truly worth some consideration. If these did not apply to you then something less extensive may suite you just fine. If you want to learn more about air scrubbers see our page where we go into more details about this powerful device.

Air Scrubber FAQs

There are primarily two types of air scrubbers that work in very different ways to remove contaminants from your home or office environment. The portable industrial units extract molecules and contaminants using their filters, while the integrated models use ions to neutralize contaminants instead. Both types of air scrubbers are effective at removing harmful particles and offer unique advantages depending on the air quality goal you want achieve.

The price of an Air Scrubber will fall between $500 and $2,000 – depending on the complexity of your HVAC system.

Indoor Air Quality has always been an issue for many people, and after 2020, paying attention to our air quality indoors has become a priority. The use of integrated air scrubbers can help combat bad indoor air quality and make your home or business more comfortable, while also protecting you from potential health problems such as allergies.

In short, yes they do! While the upfront investment can cause some sticker shock, the long term use will help reduce your energy costs, maintenance, and even medical bills!

It does. ActivePure Technology products have been proven to kill 99.6% of airborne and 99.98% of surface SARS-CoV-2

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